15 Jul 2016


Dnce - Cake By The Ocean -- Drum Cover


Deskripsi Dnce - Cake By The Ocean -- Drum Cover

Dnce - Cake By The Ocean -- Drum Cover, I purchased the cover backing song from Karaoke-Version.com - the information in quotes below is from their website.

"Use of Karaoke Version tracks for one-time public audiences and other performances is allowed"
"In the case of a non-commercial private event, use of soundtracks is, of course, allowed and unrestricted"

This video was recorded at home for private learning and educational purposes. I am learning to drum, and use these videos to get reviews on my errors from friends and family.

These videos are neither used nor intended to be used for any monetary gain or any commercial purposes.

I thank Karaoke-Version and all their partners for making this music available for private use.

These videos are for information and education purposes only. Copyrights to the music used by Karaoke-Version are all held by their respective owners, and no infringement is intended, nor is any ownership claimed on any of the music used in these videos.

I am drumming the drum track with the cover song purchased from karaoke-version.com, played back on an ol'Dell laptop ...

...electric drum and playback tracks - mixed and equalised on a li'l Mackie mixer desk (that's right - with a decent mixer, you really don't need a DI-box for electric drums, electric guitars or whatever), monitored on Sennheiser Pro 64-ohm cans instead of my usual 65-ohm Roland RHs via a Behringer headphone amp, and then sent to a Sony HDR-MV1 camera - the lens kind of 'flattens' the HD video across 120-degrees ---

that's why everything looks flatter and wider LOL - it can record from a mixer, and encodes sound as a linear PCM waveform with very good built-in level control - really, the HD-video is just a bonus - so I don't mind it looking a bit whacky

...drummed on ye trusty ol'Roland kit, with Dave Weckl signature sticks from Vic Firth, by a local nut-case from There That Must Not Be Named - put it all together, and you get this...

Fun stuff for a fun morning - this is a drum cover of DNCE's catchy song Cake By The Ocean - many thanks to Jack Lawless, their drummer who is a constant inspiration to drummers all around the world.

I need an air-guitarist, an air-bassist, and a lip-synch singer - any takers? =)

I'll be selling the Casio electric piano - so the vacancy for an air-pianist is shaky =(

See DNCE's original Cake By The Ocean video here https://youtu.be/vWaRiD5ym74

...and if you're wondering what they're actually singing, here's the official lyric video https://youtu.be/PAzH-YAlFYc
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