10 Jan 2019


K-pop Songs Chart | January 2019 Week 1


Deskripsi K-pop Songs Chart | January 2019 Week 1

K-pop Songs Chart | January 2019 Week 1 , Welcome back to the #KPOP Songs Chart everyone! I hope your Christmas holidays and New Year were fantastic! -- For this week in K-Pop, being the first week of 2019, we're still enjoying the songs that came out later in 2018. New releases from artists such as Chung Ha, iKON or APINK won't be here until next week. They appear on our New K-Pop Songs video, which you can watch here: https://youtu.be/3lRbuacegzQ

P.S. Shaun and MFect will be eligible to vote for next week, once they make their appearance on the New K-Pop Songs video.

I'm on Instagram a lot these days, so for more frequent updates you can follow me at: @bennyjayruss

This week we have new entries from #WJSN, #VAV and more!

VOTE HERE: ► https://kville-entertainment.survey.fm/kpop-songs-chart-january-2019-week-2

NEW KPOP SONGS: ► https://youtu.be/3lRbuacegzQ

This chart has 4-Years worth of history that we're re-capping for you all! Check out our videos of the #1 Songs of Each Year below!

#1 SONGS OF 2017 ► https://youtu.be/XdRLKhJlBXk
#1 SONGS OF 2016 ► https://youtu.be/6BPK_37EEBA
#1 SONGS OF 2015 ► https://youtu.be/TdnRnl63F9E
#1 SONGS OF 2014 ► Coming Soon!



► Songs are voted for using the Poll provided in the description in the video.

► Any song on the poll is eligible for voting – you need to vote for at least 10 songs and you can only submit your choice once.

► Each song you choose in your vote receives 1 point towards the chart. The day before the chart is due out, the poll will be closed, and we will make the chart based on those results.

► The songs that will be eligible each week must either:

1) Have been on the chart within the last few weeks.
2) Have been released since the last voting period closed.

► This means that if a song falls off, it has a few weeks to return, or else it cannot come back on the chart.

► Songs can only remain on the chart for a maximum of 10 weeks. Songs that have been on the chart for 10 weeks will no longer be eligible for voting.

► If a song gains less than 200 votes on the poll, it will automatically be excluded from next week's voting. This is to keep the poll from being crowded with songs that have minimal chance of entering the chart.



8 WEEK AWARD ► For songs that have been on the chart for a minimum of 8 weeks.

GOLD AWARD ► For Songs that Reached The Top 10.

PLATINUM AWARD ► For Songs That Reached The Top 5, or Have Been In The Top 10 For 3 Weeks.

HOT ENTRY ► For Songs That Enter The Chart Within The Top 25 On Its First Week.

HOT STREAK ► For Songs That Rise Up The Chart Continuously and Significantly.

Songs In This Chart (In Alphabetical Order):

All Night - SOYOU
Beautiful Pain - BTOB
Blue - ONEW (of SHINEE)
Blue Rose - UP10TION
Days Gone By - DAY6
Fiance - MINO (of WINNER)
Finale - H.U.B
Fire - SIK-K
First Sight - HEIZE
Forever Rain - RM (of BTS)
Forever Yours - KEY ft. SOYOU
Getting Closer - SEVENTEEN
Good Night Kiss - KIM DONG HAN
Hello Tutorial - ZION.T ft. SEULGI
Help Me - NU'EST
Home - JBJ95
Hurry Up - SOHEE ft. BOL4
I Dream - ELKIE (of CLC)
I Hate You - HOTSHOT
I Love You - EXID
It's A Good Time - COSMIC GIRLS (WJSN)
Knock Knock - MXM
La Vie en Rose - IZ*ONE
Like A Flower - N.FLYING
Lost N Found - LOVELYZ
Love Shot - EXO
Millions - WINNER
Miracle - GOT7
Miss You - ERIC NAM
N.E.W.S - 14U
Not That Type - GUGUDAN
One of Those Nights - KEY ft. CRUSH
Pirate King - ATEEZ
Punk Right Now - HYO ft. 3LAU
RBB (Really Bad Boy) - RED VELVET
Shoot Out - MONSTA X
Simon Says - NCT 127
So In Love - VAV
Some (You'll Be Mine) - NATURE
Spring Breeze - WANNA ONE
Stealer - D-CRUNCH
Swamp of Despair - BLACK6IX
Tempo - EXO
Thank U Soooo Much - YUBIN
The Best Thing I Ever Did - TWICE
Treasure - ATEEZ
Turn It On - LABOUM
What Do I Do? - SPECTRUM
Whatcha Doin' - YESUNG x CHUNG HA
Wind Flower - MAMAMOO
Woman - BOA
Yes or Yes - TWICE
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